Social Networks (Plus Blogs)

Humans are social creatures. Geeks are no different.

For those addicted to the art of following others online, here are a “few” social networks that I’m currently active upon (with a brief explanation upon each page).

Other Blogs: Although cramming everything upon one blog would suit my fancy, it would annoy some people (especially those with access to my cell number).
  • Darnell.CO (not .com): Personal creatography site. Consider it my insurance just in case Instagram becomes evil (after all Facebook did buy them).
  • (it’s not porn): Personal Kaizen site dedicated towards my continues improvement (what Kaizen stands for) within my spiritual and physical life.
  • Where I post about all things geek and tech.
  • Occasional political thoughts (via this libertarian)
For the vanity geeks out there here are a couple of companies skilled in the art of measuring digital influence of yours truly (note: I honestly could care less but apparently there are people who will bug you about it).
If connecting via social networks isn’t what you prefer you can contact me using the traditional methods.
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