Tumblr Over Other Blog Platforms (Why I Stay Despite The Outages)

Another day, another Tumblr outage.

Will today’s outage convince me to migrate upon WordPress, Blogger or Squarespace?


Tumblr is the only platform that has killed blogger’s block for me.

I’ve tried WordPress.com, WordPress (self hosted), Movable Type, Typepad, Blogger, Squarespace, OnSugar, Melody (now defunct), Vox (also extinct), Xanga, Posterous, Drupal (too complex!), Joomla, Weebly, LiveJournal, and too many others to list here.

Many present powerful new ways to express yourself online. But all of them save Tumblr fail at one thing (at least for me)—killing blogger’s block.

Whether it’s due to those shiny big buttons I once mocked at when I first joined Tumblr or the slick iPhone app that inspires me to post (probably both), Tumblr is the only platform that inspires me to keep posting my thoughts in spite of its creative limitations.

Would I pay to use Tumblr? Yes! In fact, I already do via premium themes!

While I do enjoy checking out other platforms from time to time (after all I am a geek!), I will continue to use Tumblr until something better arrives (although I’m not holding my breath).

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