Shut up and take my money!! (aka why we should pay for quality)

I feel like a free loader after reading Adam Jackson’s post (click on the title link above to read).

Yes, money is becoming as common as water in a desert in this recession but that still does not remove the excuse for what we as a digital culture are turning into free loaders.

Obnoxious, spoiled and ungrateful free loaders.

We use a service without sacrificing anything but our free time.

When it goes down we throw a tantrum about how the world is ending and how company X sucks because they can not get their act together.

Worse, when our privacy is allegedly violated by company X we threaten lawsuits, resignations, wrath, destruction, etc. because we are somehow entitled to use a service freely without compensating them for the electricity, bandwidth and server space.

We need to grow up and stop being free loaders and instead start paying our dividends as that is the only way we will ultimately value a service/social network.

Starting today I’m going to go through the list of apps that I own and slowly transition over the next few months towards premium alternatives.

Doing so will not only help me value the time and effort developers put forth in creating these apps/programs, but also amplify my voice when I have a suggestion or complaint.

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