Is stealing my Tweet heart?

I love Twitter! I’ve been using the service since 2007 (I signed up on May 9th according to Twibirthday) and I have used it faithfully throughout the years—longer than any other social service online.

But recently a new company called appeared on the scene and despite my early skepticism of paying for a “Twitter clone,” I’ve grown to love not only the platform but also the community as well.

So why is growing on me when other Twitter clones (notably and Heello) have failed to pass 140 (let alone a dozen) respective posts? I think it’s because:

  • I can use English: I no longer have to use chat lingo like LOL, BRB or SMH as lets me post up to 256 characters! 
  • A troll/spam free environment: Due to the $5 monthly fee (or $36/year), only curious/dedicated humans are willing to sign up. While you may encounter an over zealous marketer, spam is (thus far) no where to be seen.
  • Rivr of Annotations: There are many mobile apps for, but Rivr sealed the deal for me due to its use of annotations which make micro blogging soooo muuuucccchh sweeettteeerrr!!

Note: If you’re on you can follow me @Darnell or

Will I stop using Twitter? Frak no! (excuse my Caprican) Instead thanks to the power of IFTTT I’ll “automagically” share’s upon Twitter just as I automatically share Tumblr posts to Twitter.

Although I’ll still be fairly active upon Twitter via the official iOS app (which receives far more hate than it deserves from the geekosphere) I’ll probably not create direct tweets upon the service as frequently.

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