I'm not your prostitute Facebook

I understand your need to discover a way to generate revenue and ads (whether users like it or not) are a means to those ends.

However I do not like that pages I “like” upon Facebook are turned into Sponsored Stories.

This creates a dilemma as it makes me appear that I favor a particular product, service, politician, etc., even if my sole purpose for “liking” a page was to file a complaint, inquire about an opposing viewpoint or interact with a horrible company.

And apparently there is no “opt out” (not even via the lawyers apparently) as described below:

You can’t opt out of being featured in Sponsored Stories, but you can visit your activity log to make sure that only the people you want to share with can see your activity. If you’re aren’t using timeline yet, learn how to remove posts from your profile

Sponsored Stories respect your privacy settings. This means only the people you’re already sharing your activity with on Facebook can see Sponsored Stories about you.

Since people still email me at darnellclatyon [at] facebook [dot] com, deactivating as well as deleting my account are not wise options to pursue. However hibernating my account (i.e. defriending everyone) is.

Truth be told there are features I would be willing to pay Facebook for, especially after their purchasing Instagram (such as buying physical prints of photos or DVD’s of videos).

But the idea of me continuing to “recommend” products, politicians or services on Facebook I would shun in real life is horrifying to me. So until an opt out appears, I’ll be solo on Facebook. Goodbye.

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