About Me

DarnellClayton.com is the official lifecast (or blog for you geeks) of Darnell Clayton. Please accept no substitutes! (note: it’s a long story).

Since time is a precious commodity, here is a brief bullet point outline of who I am (and what I love)

  • Faith: Disciple of Christ (aka Christian), although I am not affiliated with any denominations.
  • Politics: Libertarian baby! :-D
  • Passions: God, Israel, Space, Football, Technology, Nature, Green Tech, iPhone
  • Favorite Movie: Serentiy
  • Favorite Show: Battlestar Galactica (reimaged series)
  • Favorite Anime: Trigun (due to some awesome quotes)

Need to talk? Feel free to reach out! You can also read my legal disclosure as well (blame the lawyers).

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